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Storm ready? We sure hope so!

What does the Storm mean for the Garden in General and the Chickens specifically? We are glad you asked! First we want to let you now that Chickens are storm/snow and generally weather proof! Did you know that the average chicken has 8,500 feathers? These feathers work together to create the chicken version of a…


Who needed a little Re-Coop-erating?! :)

Many of you might have noticed that the head of our hen house- the one and only Mrs. Henrietta Eggan was missing!!!! So here’s the SsssCoop! Complete with a happy ending! The Friday before Thanksgiving Mr. Burkhouse noticed that Mrs. Eggan was having trouble moving and didn’t look very good! We decided to take her…


Native Habitat Garden Planting- Take Two!

Big Thank You to Mr. Burkhouse, Mr. Goul, Mrs. Warren and Mrs. Harris for bringing their classes out last Friday to participate in the Supplemental planting in the Habitat Garden (which is located adjacent to the vegetable garden)! Thanks also to the DFW for sending Colin to help us out! Planted last year thanks to…

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